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Mount Akagi

Mount AkagiMount Akagi is a composite volcano with a caldera and a few caldera lakes, and is located about 20 km north-northeast of Maebashi city.
It is one of the Gunma's three major mountains, along with Mount Haruna and Myogi.
In Japanese, it is called "Akagiyama" or "Akagisan".

In an ancient document, there is a mention that Mount Akagi errupted in 1251.
So Japan Meteorological Agency has designated this mountain as an active volcano.
But the sediment by the eruption hasn't been found, therefore, some experts say that this isn't an active volcano.

There is a caldera on the top of the mountain, and there are several peaks along the somma.
The highest peak is "Kurobisan", and it is 1,828 meters high.
On the bottom of the caldera, there are three caldera lakes. The largest lake is "Oonuma", and the others are "Kakumanbuchi" and "Konuma".

This mountain is a volcano, but it has no current active volcanic vent and fumarole.
So there are a visitor center and ski slopes in the caldera, and Akagi shrine is near Lake Oonuma.
Some roads lead to the bottom of caldera, so we can visit there by bus or car.

How to get to here

By railroad and route bus

  1. By Joetsu-shinkansen, about 50-60 minutes from Tokyo to Takasaki.
  2. Change to the locat train on JR Ryomo Line. Get off at Maebashi station. About 15 minutes from Takasaki.
  3. By route bus to Akagiyama Visitor Center, about 1 hour and 20 minutes. (From June to October)
    In the other period, we must change the bus at Fujimi-onsen stop.

By car

  1. Run Kan-etsu Expressway, and exit Maebashi Exit. About 100 km from Tokyo. About 1 hours 15 minutes.
  2. About 30 km to Visitor Center from Maebashi Exit.

Mount Akagi
Lake Oonuma and Kurobisan peak
Lake Oonuma and Jizoudake peak
Akagi shrine in winter
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Lake Kakumanbuchi Lake Konuma

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