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Yokohama Chinatown (Chukagai)

Chukagai (Chinatown)Yokohama Chinatown mapYokohama Chinatown is located southwest of Yamashita park in Kan'nai area.
The area is about 500-700 meters square, and there are more than 500 shops in the area. In this area, about 2,000 Chinese people are living now.

It is the largest chinatown in Japan and in the East Asia. (In Japan, chinatowns are also in Kobe and Nagasaki cities.)

After opening Yokohama port in 1859, Chinese trading merchants had come and settled here.
Then this town has repeated its development and declination by Sino-Japanese War (1894), Great Kanto Earthquake (1923) and Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945).
After World War II, it began to develop again.

And since normalizing Japan-China diplomatic relations in 1972, this town became a popular sightseeing spots for Japanese people.
Now many Japanese visitors come here every day.

Most of the shops in this town are Chinese restaurants, cafes, groceries and antique shops.

There are four main gates at the entrance of the town in four directions.
Every gate has different colors based on "feng shui", which is an ancient Chinese thought that the position of things defines the future.
And other six gates are in the town.
In the center of the town, there is "Zenrin-mon" gate.

Between Zenrin-mon and Choyo-mon (the east gate), the main street "Chukagai Odori" runs, and many visitors gather there.

In this area, there area the following popular spots.

  • Kanteibyo temple : The temple enshrining Guan Yu, a Chinese warlord in the 3rd century, as the "god of business". The temple was founded in 1873.
  • Yokohama Masobyo shrine : The new temple founded in 2006. It enshrines the goddess of the sea who protects fishermen and sailors.
    Yokohama Masobyo official website
  • Chinatown 80 : The informetion center of Yokohama Chinatown. We can take the pamphlets about the shops. Also various events are held.
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How to get to here


  • About 5 minutes walk from Ishikawacho station on Negishi Line.
  • About 15 minutes walk from Kan'nai station on Negishi Line.

By Minatomirai Line

  • About 2 minutes walk from Motomachi-Chukagai station.

Main street in Yokohama Chinatown
Main street in Yokohama Chukagai
Choyo-mon gate
Enpei-mon gate
Zenrin-mon gate
Kanteibyo temple
Masobyo shrine
Yamashitacho park in Chinatown
A shop selling steamed pork bun
A high-class Chinese restaurant in Chinatown
A small street in Chinatown
A shop of Chinese dress
Chinese New year in Yokohama Chinatown
Chinese New Year in Yokohama Chinatown

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