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Minato Mirai 21 area

Minato Mirai 21MInato Mirai 21 map"Minato Mirai 21" is the redevelopment area.
It is located southeast of Yokohama station and the east side of the area faces Yokohama port.
It has an area of 186 hectares.

"Minato" means "port", and "mirai" means "future". And of course, "21" means "the 21th century".

Originally here were a shipyard and a railroad freight terminal, then the redevelopment began in 1983.
Since 1989, office buildings, high-rise condominiums, hotels, commercial complexes, entertainment facilities and other various facilities has been completed one after another.
So here has become a new town.

The common entrance is JR Sakuragicho station located on the south side of the area, because most spots for visitors are around there.

And in the center of the area, there is Minatomirai station on Yokohama Minatomirai Railway Line.
The train leads to Shibuya or Motomachi-Chukagai (Chinatown).

Water-bus is also useful.
About this, see the page of Water-bus in Yokohama port.

Minato Mirai 21 official website

Landmark Tower /1/

Landmark TowerIt is the highest building in Japan, and was opened in 1993.
The height is 296 meters, and has 70 stories above ground and has many offices, a hotel, restaurants and some clinics.
On the 69th floor, there is the observatory room "Sky Garden", which is located at the level of 273 meters. It is also the highest observatory room in Japan. (Admission is 1,000 yen.)
Additionally the elevators also are fastest in Japan. (Up to 750 meters a minutes)
On the north side of the tower, there is a large shopping mall "Landmark Plaza".

Landmark Tower official website

Dockyard Garden /2/

Dockyard GardenIt is the place where many ships had been constructed from 1896 to 1973, and now is used as an open terrace or an event site of Landmark Tower. Around this, there are several restaurants.
It is like deep moat, and the surrounding slopes are made of stones like the auditorium of Roman theater.
It has been designated one of the historic structures in Yokohama city.

Nippon-maru Memorial park /3/

Nippon-maru memorial parkIt is a park located just south of Landmark Tower.
There are a large sailing ship "Nippon-maru" and "Yokohama Maritime Museum" introducing Yokohama port and various ships.
Nippon-maru was completed in 1930 as a navigation training ship, and was retired in 1984. And it has been exhibited here since 1985.

Kishamichi promenade /4/

Kishamichi promenadeIt is a promenade connecting Nippon-maru Memorial Park area and Shinko district which is the east part of Minato Mirai 21.
"Kisha" means "steam locomotive", and "michi" means "road", so a harbor line of Japan National Railroad had ever run on this road.
The length is about 500 meters, and it runs over the canal.
On this route, there are three truss bridges.

Akarenga Souko (Red Brick Warehouses) /5/

Akarenga SoukoThere are two red brick warehouses at the east part of Shinko district.
The warehouse No.1 was built in 1913, and No.2 was built in 1911. And they had been used until 1989.
Then when Minato Mirai 21 had been constructed, the exterior of these warehouses had been left in its original state and the only interior had been rebuilt.
Now the No.1 has cultural facilities such as hall and exhibit space and the No.2 has many shops.
And the site around these warehouses are called "Akarenga Park".

Other popular spots in Minato Mirai 21

  • Queen's Square /11/ : A complex facility with offices, hotel, concert hall, shops and restaurants just next to Landmark Tower.
  • Yokohama Cosmo World /12/ : An amusement park with a roller coaster and many attractions. The big Ferris wheel "Cosmo Clock 21" with huge clock is popular.
  • Yokohama Museum of Art /13/ : An art gallery with mainly modern and contemporary art, and photographic art.
  • Pacifico Yokohama /14/ : The facility with international conference hall and exhibition hall, and the half-moon-shaped building is a first-class hotel, the InterContinental the Grand Yokohama.
  • Yokohama World Porters /15/ : A facility with many many shops for imported goods and cinema complex.
  • Man'yo Club /16/ : A resort facility. The water in large bathroom is carried from Yugawara hot spring every day.
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Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

How to get to here


  • Sakuragicho station on Negishi Line.
    The next station of Yokohama, and it takes about 3 minutes

By Minatomirai Line

  • Minatomirai station.
    About 3 minutes from Yokohama, about 35 minutes from Shibuya by limited express.

Western view of Minato Mirai 21
Southern view of Minato Mirai 21
Landmark Tower
Landmark Plaza
A view from Sky Garden
Dockyard Garden
Nippon-maru Memorial Park
Nippon-maru Memorial park
Kishamichi promenade
Kishamichi promenade
Akarenga Souko No.1
Akarenga Souko No.2
Queen's Square
Yokohama Cosmo world
Cosmo Clock 21
Yokohama Museum of Art
Pacifico Yokohama
Yokohama World Porters

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