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Shirakawa barrier [白河関跡]

Entrance to Shirakawa barrier site
Entrance to Shirakawa barrier site

Stone monument built by Sadanobu Matsudaira
Stone monument built by Sadanobu Matsudaira
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Shirakawa barrier is a historic place, and is located about 10 km south of Shirakwa city.
In Japanese, it is called "Shirakawa no Seki".

It was set up in the 5th century.

At that time, there were the different racial groups in northern Japan.
But the Japanese government was expanding its territory to the north.
This barrier was built on the main route for protection from the groups.

After that, the Japanese government had occupied the whole Tohoku Region, then it is considered that this barrier had been abolished completely around the 10th century.

But some of heroes or intellectuals in history visited here, because this legendary site had been the only entrance to Tohoku Region.

Over time, the remains had been lost completely.

In 1800, the great lord, Matsudaira Sadanobu confirmed the exact location by the study of various historic documents.

He built a stone monument at the place.

Now the stone monument, Shirakwa Shrine built in 771, and some landmarks of buildings and moats are in the place.

Shirakawa Shrine
Shirakawa Shrine
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Ancient houses in Shirakawa Seki-no-mori Park
Ancient houses in Shirakawa Seki-no-mori Park
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In addition, there is Shirakawa Seki-no-mori Park (白河関の森公園) just south to Shirakawa barrier.

It is a municipal park.
In the park, some buildings reconstructed ancient house and removed old farm fouse are dotted.
And, there are a restaurant and souvenir shops.

How to get here

The route bus is opereted but is very inconvenient.
You should use a taxi or a rental car.

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