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Toono city

Toono cityToono city mapToono city is a small inland city, and has a population of 30 thousand people (2008).
It is located about 55 km southeast of Morioka city, and Mount Hayachine, which is the second highest mountain in Iwate Prefecture and is 1917 meters high, towers about 25 km north of this city.

In 1912, Kunio Yanagita, a famous Japanese folklore scholar, wrote a book named "Toono stories".
He listened to many folklores from Kizen Sasaki, his aquaintance born in Toono, and compiled them into the book without ornamentation.
His excellent writing style and the contents without alteration have been highly appriciated.

Therefore, Toono city is known as "land of folklore".
In this city, there are many spots associated with the folklores.

The sightseeing spots are dotted within about 10 km area from JR Toono station.
So when you tour the spots, a car or a rental bicycle is convenient.

Tono Tourism Association official website

Around JR Toono station

  • Toono Folk Village /1/ : It is located 0.4 km south of JR Toono station.
    There are some removed old houses associated with Kunio Yanagita, and they are the museums.
    In a hall, we can listen to some folk stories telled by a storyteller in Toono.
    Of course, it is telled in Japanese with Iwate dialect.
  • Toono Municipal Museum /2/ : It is located 0.6 km south of JR Toono station.
    We can learn about the folklore, nature and livinghood of Toono.
  • Unedori-sama shrine /3/ : It is an old shrine located 1.5 km south of JR Toono station.
    It is known as "god of love". If you can tie a strip of red cloth to a branch of the tree in front of the shrine with only your left hand, it is said that you will succeed in love.
  • Gohyaku-rakan /4/ : It is located 2 km southwest of Toono station.
    During the 18th century, Tohoku District was often hit by famine. So it is said that a priest engraved icons of 500 saints (Rakan) on natural rocks to pray for the dead souls.

Eastern Toono city

  • Kappa-buchi /11/ : It is a stream located 5 km northeast of Toono station, and there is Jokenji temple near here.
    "Kappa" is a imaginary funny specter. It lives in river, and plays a trick on passing strangers.
    It is said that many Kappas had lived here, and they appear in several folk stories in Toono.
  • Denshoen Park /12/ : It is a folklore park located about 0.5 km north of Kappa-buchi.
    There are a traditional farm houses, the memorial museum of Kizen Sasaki who told many folk stories to Mr. Yanagita, and the others.
    We can listen to the folk stories, and see the process for making the folkcrafts.
  • Toono Furusato Village /13/ : It is located 7 km north of Toono station.
    "Furusato" means "hometown", then this is a park that a traditional agricultural village in Toono is re-created.
    There are several farm houses, and we can experience farming.

Western Toono city

  • Tsuzuki-ishi /21/ : It is a big rocks located 7 km west of Toono station.
    On two rocks, a huge rock is put. The rock is 7 meters long, 5 meters wide and 2 meters high.
    It is said that it was an ancient tomb.
  • Old traditional farm house of Chiba Family /22/ : It is an old farm house located 8 km west of Toono station.
    It was build about 200 years ago. It is L-shaped as viewed from above, and is the traditional big house in this region. The living area and a room for horses are connected.
    This Chiba Family's house is in good preservation, then it is opened to public partially.
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How to get to Toono city

By railroad

  1. By Tohoku Shinknasen, get off at Shin-Hanamaki station.
  2. Change trains to Kamaishi on JR Kamaishi Line. Then get off at Toono.
    It takes about 45 minutes by rapid train, or about 55 minutes by local train.

Toono Folk Village
Denshoen Park
Toono Furusato Village
Farm house of Chiba Family

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